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Modular Coatings was established in 1983 and are experts in the application of specialised finishes to metals and plastics. We offer a variety of finishes and processes:

Powder Coating
The most characteristic feature of Polyester powder coatings is the very good colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure. Polyester has very good edge covering power, flow properties and wear resistance and is available in a huge range of colours and finishes, providing an excellent decorative finish to any metal product. The coating has hard, abrasion-resistant properties which make it ideal for such applications as architectural metalwork, shopfittings and instrumentation. Thickness is in the range 50-100 microns.

Stove Enamelling
Stove enamel is paint, but the curing is accelerated by stoving at elevated temperatures. It is easier to refinish with a different colour, something very difficult to achieve with powder coating, making it ideal for electrical panel systems, and it can be purchased in much smaller quantities than powder, making it ideal for one-offs or short runs. Thickness is in the range of 30 to 60 microns.

Multi-Coat Systems (such as 2 pack epoxies and polyurethanes)
Usually for anti-corrosive or chemical resistance purposes.

Nickel EMI/RFI Protection
A general purpose EMI/RFI shielding for use on plastic electronics enclosures.

High End Maskings for Sensitive Areas
Normal masking degrades at high temperatures and leaves a baked residue on the protected surfaces. We use purpose-made tapes for precision masking that leaves the sensitive surface completely clean and unaffected.

Wood and MDF Finishing
Air-dried enamel finishes.

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